Sede do Brasilinvest em 1975

Brazil’s leading merchant bank provides strategic business consulting, state-of-the art real estate developments and world-class diversified projects, virtually in every sector of the Brazilian and global economy.

Brasilinvest is the premier private business and investment agency in Brazil. Since 1975, the Group operates in collaboration with manifold partners in the areas such as Strategic Consulting, Merchant Banking, Joint-Ventures, Transsectorial Projects and Real Estate.

In nearly four decades of operation, Brasilinvest has been involved in projects that encompass billions of dollars invested in Brazil. In Real Estate for example, Brasilinvest has already developed 8 million square meters. These remarkable results spring from the trust and partnerships we share with more than 20 countries all over the world.

Supported by an advisory board composed of business and political leaders from across the globe, Brasilinvest seizes opportunities and develops investment strategies in real estate, finance, telecommunication, technology, infrastructure, energy and many others.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Brasilinvest is firmly led by our Chairman and Founder Mario Garnero, winner among others of the prestigious Global Innovation Award.

As Brazil features an ever-increasing profile in the global economy, Brasilinvest is the best trade and investment “hub” connecting Brazil to the world.