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Real Estate

With a portfolio of real estate assets comprised 20 million square meters of land and an estimated sales value of over US$5 billion, Brasilinvest participates in the inception, approval, implementation and sale of national and international real estate projects which stand for excellence in innovation, quality and value over time.

Brasilinvest is particularly experienced in the incorporation of large real estate projects in partnership with renowned companies in the industry and selected investors. Brasilinvest concluded landmarks such as the Mary Brickel Village and Ocean Steps, a commercial center and luxury residential building, located in Miami, USA. Mario Garnero Business Center, a commercial center consisting of two buildings, located on Faria Lima Avenue in São Paulo, Brazil, and Caminhos de San Conrado, a residential development in the Campinas, Brazil are but a few examples of this successful track-record.


Multifold Projects

Multifold projects are specifically tailored as Brasilinvest identifies viable investment opportunities in Brazil and abroad in areas such as technology, telecommunications, energy, finance, infrastructure, among others.

Business opportunities are selected by Brasilinvest´s Management Group and once their economic feasibility is confirmed, Brasilinvest is able to perform turnkey services towards the successful completion of the project.

Strategic Consulting

Brasilinvest provides business consulting to multinational companies across the board. It works in wealth management, mergers & acquisitions, joint-ventures, strategic alliances, corporate restructuring and many others business strategies.

Brasilinvest employs its extensive network throughout the organizational process and business consulting to identify, evaluate and add value to investment and business opportunities.