Ongoing Projects

Brazil Bridge

In order to create a bridge and extend the integration between, on the one hand, Brazilian and Latin American companies and, on the other, the Middle East, Brasilinvest, together with Belhasa International and MAS Investments, have formed Brazil Bridge. Headquartered in Dubai, the new company will invest US$ 100 million in building an advanced “hub” to open commercial doors in the Middle East for Latin American companies which still have no physical presence in the region and aim at expanding their business network.

Figueira Hotel, SPA, Golf & Villas

With an area of 1,689 million square meters and with a full participation by Brasilinvest, this luxury real estate development is located in the State of Sao Paulo and allows for a harmonious integration between guests, residents and nature. Built from renewable materials and with a focus on sustainability, this innovative development will consist of 86 suites, apartments of 30 m² to 90 m² and 45 villas of 200 m² to 800 m². The well-balanced environment is also enhanced by the ample use of sunlight, water features and access to panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Três Pontes do Atibaia

In partnership with Rossi Residencial, this high-end standard residential development is located in an area of 3,5 million square meters, with Potential Sales Value (PSV) estimated at nearly R$ 1,3 billion and an investment of R$ 500 million.

Santa Catarina SPA

Located at seafront in one of the most stunning spots of the Brazilian Emerald Coast, this high standard residential development will feature a five-stars Hotel with 74 suites, a Health SPA, Beach Club and 54 Villas for sale, an investment of R$ 350 million and a Potential Sales Value (PSV) of R$ 550 million.

Teka Capital

With focus on private equity investment and opportunities in various segments in both Colombia and Brazil, Teka Capital was formed in 2009. The company’s expertise is able to seize the best opportunities in a time of significant growth in both countries, in areas such as agriculture, energy, engineering and manufacturing.

Golden Energy

O Brasilinvest e o Grupo Victor Restis (VRG) formaram a Golden Energy do Brazil (GEDO) para atender o mercado brasileiro. A GEDO será 50% pela VRG e 50% pelo Brasilinvest e atuará na construção de estaleiros, de centros para reparação de navios e de projetos comerciais ligados à navegação de um modo geral.

Brazil Resources Inc.

The Brasilinvest is the founding shareholder of Brazil Resources Inc. (BRI), a public company listed in Toronto, which focuses on the mining sector in Brazil (particularly gold mining). Brasilinvest identified important assets in gold to acquire and explore and is raising funds to such an end through public offerings at the Vancouver stock exchange. The company aims at the acquisition, exploration and development of mining properties, and its first investment was targeted at the Montes Áureos Company.

Joint-Venture Brasilinvest e I-PULSE

Brasilinvest, in partnership with Ivanhoe Group, is acting as the merchant bank in exploring opportunities in the Brazilian’s market for I-Pulse (a company belonging to Ivanhoe Group), which development innovative solutions for the oil and mining sectors. The partnership already involves important cooperation projects with Petrobras.

Cenario Capital

Cenario Capital was created as a portal offering consumers the ability to conveniently compare financing, loans, consortiums, health plans, and insurance in the Brazilian market. The process is simple, fast, and convenient. With Cenario Capital customers can receive multiple quotes from various providers allowing them to compare the benefits and prices in order to make a quick and informed decision.