Track Record in Projects

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Centro Empresarial Mario Garnero

Located at the corner Faria Lima and Rebouças Avenues, the very heart of the financial district of Sao Paulo, this landmark building complex is a postcard of Brazil´s business capital. There are 35 thousand square meters of leasable area, divided into two twin towers of each standing 19 floors.

Edifício New Star Building

Located on Faria Lima Avenue, this corporate tower is comprised of 20 thousand square meters of leasable area, 12 floors and a distinctive architecture which makes it one of the most prominent buildings in the city.

Bairro Vila Cisper

This venture of 1,2 millions square meters is located in Ermelino Matarazzo, in the outskirts of Sao Paulo. From it resulted over 2500 residential units (apartments and houses) and commercial centers.

Edifício Golden Gate

Located on Arthur Ramos Street, this residential building set at 760 square meters of privative area per unit features a very high standard and is considered to be one one of the most sophisticated and sought after residential addresses in Sao Paulo.

Edifício Landscape

Located on Dona Helena Pereira de Moraes Street, in the region of Panamby, one of the most desirable residential areas in Sao Paulo, this venture also includes beautiful high-end apartments of 2 to 3 bedrooms.

Edel Trade Center Moema

On Ibirapuera Avenue, a corporate tower of 21 floors stands out amidst other buildings. Its distinctive architecture and 15000 square meters of leasable area, make for another stalwart among Brasilinvest´s real estate projects.

Caminhos de São Conrado

On a highly desired and prominent region in the state of Sao Paulo, this area represents an environment-friendly residential development in the city of Campinas, and it amounts to 5,8 millions square meters of serene harmony between people and nature.

Villagio Ravenna

This distinctive Real Estate development within Caminhos de San Conrado, in Campinas, features 20 outstanding residences, rich in leisure and landscaping enjoying an exuberant interaction with nature.

Jardim Europa

Located in the city of Paulinia, the largest petrochemical center in Latin America, 120 Kilometers away from the state’s capital, this development comprises 250 thousand square meters, 350 residential lots and 16 commercial lots, near the cinema hub of the city.

Edel Trade Center Porto Alegre

With its 10 corporate floors, this important building stands out in the landscape of Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, a Brazilian city which holds the 4th highest rate of Brazil’s GDP. There are 7000 square meters of leasable area in the upscale region of Moinhos de Vento.

Mary Brickell Village – Miami

A mix of stores, restaurants and residential apartments, this landmark venture in Miami, USA, is home to high-end international brands. There are 70 thousand square meters of constructed area, 375 apartments, 100 shops and restaurants. Along the east of Brickell Avenue, one can appreciate calm and peaceful streets set in a charming atmosphere.

1500 Ocean Drive – Miami

An innovative project set at the upscale Miami Beach region, Ocean Steps features a premium structure to the corporate world and luxury apartments.

Architect: Michael Graves

SulBrasileiro Crédito Imobiliário

Value: US$ 600 millions

The Nippon Credit Bank and Sudene

Value: US$ 450 millions

Banco Popular Español and Iberleasingt

Value: US$ 80 millions

Midland Bank and Bamerindus Leasing

Value: US$ 12 millions

Cia. Província de Crédito Imobiliário

Value: US$ 60 millions

Transcontinental Administradora de Crédito

Value: US$ 300 millions

Cica (Ferruzi Group) e Bombril

Value: US$ 120 millions

Procter & Gramble e Cragnotti & Partners

Value: US$ 94 millions

COFAP – Reestruturação corporativa

Value: US$ 63 millions

Varig, Volkswagen e Interlocadora

Value: US$ 31 millions

Fiat S.p.A. e Governo do Estado de Minas Gerais

Value: US$ 20 millions

Volkswagen do Brasil

Value: US$ 20 millions

DEG, Mellita Werk e Celupa

Value: US$ 19 millions

Fiat. S.p.A., DF Vasconcellos e Wercarbras

Value: US$ 7 millions

Telia, Banco Cidade e Brasilinvest

Value: US$ 1 billion

MI Entsorgungs-Und Energieanlagen Gmbh, Etesco e Brasilinvest

Value: US$ 240 millions

Nec do Brasil e Brasilinvest

Value: US$ 75 millions

ITT-Standard Electric e Brasilinvest

Value: US$ 75 millions

Ferruzi Group e Cimento Portle Mato Grosso

Value: US$ 44 millions

Venda Pacific Millennium Trading e Brasilinvest

Value: US$ 20 millions/ano

Proxyconn e POP (GVT Group)

Value: US$ 12 millions

Ripasa Celulose e Brasilinvest

Value: US$ 83 millions

Boehringer Ingelhein, Brasilinvest e Agroquisa

Value: US$ 70 millions

Rhodia, Fibase, Nitrosin e Companhia Nacional de Defensivos Agrícolas

Value: US$ 3,5 millions