Social & Enviromental

Since its foundation, the Brasilinvest Group has invested in social responsibility and sustainability going hand-in-hand with development. Important initiatives deserve mention:

Reforestation of the complex of Pedra do Baú, in Campos do Jordão, São Paulo;

Partnership with SOS Atlantic Forest Foundation to the plant 500 thousand native trees in state of São Paulo;

Partnership with the NGO Association of Environmental Protection Jaguatibaia in order to offer financial support for the promotion of activities in environmental education for public school students and charitable organizations throughout the city;

Partner with FEAC Foundation for the Commitment Campinas to Education with the mission of significantly improving the academic performance of public school students in basic cycle (kindergarten, elementary school and high-school) in Campinas;

In partnership with the Federal Government of Brazil, at administration of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Brasilinvest led the support for the “Fome Zero”, a social assistance program, whose principles were founded on poverty alleviation and the promotion of human dignity. Brasilinvest  donated 10 tons of soups to the poorest regions of country.

Moreover, Mario Garnero, as chairman of UNA-Brazil (United Nations Association of Brazil), Fórum of Américas and Jurisul, encourages and supports such initiatives, in partnership with governments, states and several entities from thepublic and private sectors.


Fórum das Américas is an independent institution devoted to the discussion of essential fundamental topics to the Continent´s development such as human rights, democracy, environment and regional economic integration. Fórum das Américas was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in São Paulo

Fórum das Américas is better described as “think-tank”, focusing its activities on the understanding, strengthening and updating of the perception by public and private entities of the importance of harmonious international relations in the continent through events, seminars and international conferences.


The United Nations Association–Brazil, or UNA-Brazil, is part of a worldwide network of affiliated UNAs, whose aim is to discuss, support and encourage the concepts and ideas practiced by the United Nations, such as sustainability, human rights and other universal values such as tolerance, economic development and international peace.

UNA-Brazil has invested in important initiatives, such as the yearly editions since 2007 of the Sustainable Development Forum, which has had a major attendance by political and business leaders frm across the globe, such as Brazilian Vice-President Michel Temer, Brazil´s former Defense Minister Nelson Jobim, and formers US presidents Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush.


The need to increase cooperation in South America around common legal and political issues made Mario Garnero found in 1995 the American Institute for Legal Studies on Mercosur, or Jurisul, in partnership with renowned names in the legal world, such as justices Enrique Ricardo Lewandowski, Sálvio de Figueiredo and journalist Luiz Aguiar.

The non-governmental organization aims to debate the basis for an effective a communitarian law and promote cooperation in the Americas. In pursuit of this objective, Jurisul periodically promotes seminars on the importance of hemispheric integration.